The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 1): The Brief Pelican


The brief pelican in rare form

skimming o’er a shadowy sea.

A glorious trove of red menhaden

involved in his high tea.

At once, the gust,

at twice, the break,

but not with similar glee.

The evening, late. The belly yearns.

His hunger must be sated.

The crest upon

the pelican: gone

to the deep with its ill-fated.

The sun was setting, the bird forgetting

The pangs of its demise.

And so you see, the sea had sewn

destruction in disguise.

(written by Timinycricket)

This poem was initially working off of the photo above with the bird over the dark landscape… but it kind of also interacts with elements of the ocean or sea… which are highly related to both the beach and being eminently blue (the other two topics available). The Original Daydreamer’s Day 1 challenge

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