Just a bunch of silly

Again at Starbucks (as is often a good place for me to hang out, kill time, etc) I just have to laugh. There are some other folks here at the table studying/doing homework, and there’s an old woman (little odd looking to be totally honest) who leans in over one of the studious people’s shoulders and made comments to them. Asking what they were doing, where she went to school, and I couldn’t hear the last question the woman asked, but it was just a crack up that I shared with the others at the table.

It got me thinking, though. Why is this a faux pas? I know that it can make people feel awkward when you lean in and suddenly make comments to strangers… but I think it’s also the type of thing that can make a person’s day… or evening.. like mine as I continue to chuckle about the moment. Some of the most socially abnormal things end up being some of the most memorable and stick in our minds for a long time. Those are the stories that we tell our friends about… or blog about… (I’m looking at YOU, self!)

I am already the type of person who doesn’t mind striking up conversation with strangers or making myself look a fool. I imagine that, with time, this will only grow more true of me… and I can totally see myself making others feel uncomfortable in a public setting for my own amusement (and, whether the others admit it or not… for their amusement, too!)

Spice of life, I say… spice of life. (my fiance… soon wife… will have some of the strongest eye-rolling muscles in no time!)

3 thoughts on “Just a bunch of silly

  1. Thanks so much for joining me at Gibber Jabberin. Its been a lot of fun. Feel free to send in some crazy questions.

    I’m not surprised that you could strike up a conversation with a stranger. 😉


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