Modern Feminism / Amanda Palmer: “Real Feminists Don’t Gaze at Males”

This is the kind of feminism I can get behind! Because it doesn’t back men into the corner, slapping the label “pig” or “bad guy” on us.


Feminism is a touchy subject for me, mostly because of the state of modern first-world feminism. Last year the Ban Bossy campaign was launched – a PSA video with celebrities such as Beyonce, Jane Lynch, and Jennifer Garner claiming that they were oppressed by being called bossy, and that the word must be banned in true Orwellian fashion to preserve the delicate natures of other women.

It’s a little insulting to suggest that women are so weak that they cannot overcome the torture of name-calling. Further to that, the PSA’s logic turns on itself when one realizes that all these supposed oppressed-by-the-word-bossy women are in fact stars of international fame, with more influence on society than I will ever have. I guess I should have been called bossy on the playground at school more.

At about the same time this campaign was launched, the Iraqi parliament was considering passing a…

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