Handling the Shame Cycle, Wisely

This blog made me so happy. There will be no end to incidents… but there CAN be an end to our anger and our shame. Right now in America, women are still fighting for more respect. Part of the Feminist movement has been telling women, “Stand up! Don’t let things just happen to you because you’ve been kept down or because you’re afraid! Don’t stay silent!” And I couldn’t agree more with the encouragement to become more bold and to not quietly accept the disrespect.

However, as Minni so brilliantly captures is this concept of “the fighter”. Our bodies go into fight or flight responses to get us out of harmful situations so that we can live another day. These are good, helpful, and healthy. But our bodies were never meant to sustain these modes for very long. We either Fight and defeat/disable the opponent so that we can live on… or we flee and escape so that we can live on. In both cases, the point is to live on.

Though it is counter-culture to forgive and forget… (people will preach “forgive, but never forget” so commonly, thinking that’s how Jesus meant for forgiveness to work) Minni takes the criminal into account, and I think that is such a beautiful thing!!! I hope I can share that same head-space with her throughout my life!

3 thoughts on “Handling the Shame Cycle, Wisely

  1. thanks for re-blogging. shame and blame, both are shadow frequencies of mind’s creative power. such low emotional frequency recycles & creates similar patterns in our life and co-creates our social existence. higher emotional frequency patterns literally “detaches” itself internally from the lower-frequency patterns within first and then “creates a shift” in personal neurobiology to experience freedom. Mind needs to be trained for this. #mindfulness techniques (mental stillness, detachment from ‘brain noise’, compassion, nonjudgmental awareness, forgiveness, freedom) offer mental exercises and a training system to re-condition human mind and alter our psychology and biology to experience positive hormonal chemistry. Plenty of scientific research out there on it!


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